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Kerr County


Christian Women’s Job Corps



We depend completely on the strength of our many volunteers.

Each semester our class has a full cap and gown graduation celebrating their accomplishments.

We work hard at CWJC, but we also have lots of good fun.

Semester Fun


Our Program



Bible Study, Life Skills, Computer, Health & Nutrition, Budget Management.........

Any Kerr County Woman seeking to become self-sufficient

Mentors, Teachers,

Receptionists, Lunch Providers, Prayer Partners

Touching the Lives of Some...

                           To Affect the Lives of Many      

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to give you  HOPE and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11





Healthy RelationshipsWomen @ WorkComputer Training Is Essential in  Today’s WorldBible Study - Hiding God’s Word in Your Heart

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Download Volunteer Application

Dear Supporters of the Christian Women’s Job Corps of Kerr County,

We need your help!

On May 5th we need YOU to GIVE to Christian Women’s Job Corps of Kerr County through The BIG GIVE SA!

There is a great fund raising opportunity we need to take advantage of. The BIG GIVE SA has included Kerr County this year in its fundraising event. On May 5th the BIG GIVE SA will launch their active website that will give the public the opportunity to donate to all the registered non-profits in the SA area. This will give us access to funds outside of Kerr County.

Additionally, there are cash prizes awarded hourly in each non-profit category for the most money given and for the most unique users. A unique users is every different credit card. In an effort to win some of this prize money we are suggesting that you donate on May 5th between 9:00 and 10:00 am. The minimum donation is $10 and the more credit/debit cards you use boosts the chances we can win on unique users as well total giving for the hour.

Please remember that the donation time of 9:00 and 10:00 am is only a suggestion to increase our chances of prize money. If you are not able to donate during this time we still need your donations on this day for our on-going mission of building affordable quality homes in Kerr County.  You can donate at ANY TIME MAY 5.

On May 5th you may use the following link to donate directly to Christian Women’s Job Corps, Kerr County without having to search for us:

The BIG GIVE SA Christian Women’s Job Corps, Kerr County

Thank you for your support of Christian Women’s Job Corps Kerr County. Our success and impact on this county is a tribute to God's glory and your generosity.




Big Give SA Giving